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Full washable mattressCompletely solve the health problems of hotel mattresses
  • Flexible and durable
  • Disinfection perfect cushion
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Clean health and safety
Blue God·Brand storyAncient craftsmanship·Modern heritage
Work in fine·CraftsmanshipBlue God Furniture focuses on mattress industry for 20 years

pk27开奖计划Blue God Mattress is a professional bed manufacturer invested and established in 1996. The company introduced professional production technology of Italian soft furniture. The company introduced modern brown mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, palm mattresses, air mattresses, and other high-end mattresses. The main materials used in the internal structure are: bag spring, latex, sheep Felt, 3D material, memory cotton, bamboo charcoal latex, American soybean sponge, horse felt, space cotton felt, polymer high elasticity material. And hired a number of software furniture industry experts to serve as consultants, for which the company’s products embarked on a virtuous cycle of production generation, development generation and reserve generation, and made efforts for the development of soft furniture.


Selected materials, safety and environmental protection. Fine selection of materials, high quality spring bearing weight is not bad for 10 years; latex, coconut palm, sponge, are imported natural environmental quality products. All product materials are strictly inspected through safety standards.

The quality inspection strictly controls and guarantees to the customer that it is a qualified and high-quality product; the product is guaranteed for 10 years, detachable, safe and secure!


pk27开奖计划Free on-site service, designing reasonable solutions based on actual needs, and providing integrated solutions for mattresses, beds and furniture for hotels and families.

pk27开奖计划Factory 200 production team to ensure custom limited production. During the contract period, it is guaranteed that the production tasks will be completed on time, in accordance with quality and quantity, and the delivery period will be guaranteed.

pk27开奖计划Special person one-on-one project follow-up butt; 12 hours corresponding emergency call service; regular home inspection, adjustment, maintenance products, perfect after-sales service system.

Blue God·ProductEvery detail of every product contains our intentions
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Zhengzhou Blue God Furniture Co., Ltd.

pk27开奖计划Zhengzhou Blue God Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as a professional bed manufacturer. The company introduced professional production technology of Italian soft furniture. The company introduced modern brown mattresses,...


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